It ain’t me, and everyday it’s a reminder
The way you do, am chained to the rhythm

My kindness is wrapped in silk, the positive life
Smell of herring in the morning, cozy environment

Keep calling my name, till you come back home
Don’t grow impatient or try to force the doors open

***Left to cherish and preserve a legacy. – Mayor5***




My New Diet



Make it look too easy, I gotta be honest
Hold it down, what this make you feel like

When you watch out, you can’t wash out
Celebrate the joy of now, everybody staring

The byproduct of ideas, the seeds and fruits
Build on a firm foundation, everywhere we go

***Life is about making the right decisions, make them.-mayor5***

Academic Doping



A full wing of people just cracked out, wake up
Our findings are shared, over medicating the youth

Abuse potential has spiked among students, exam fever
Reality is, you certainly hear rumors of people using them

A competitive advantage in passing exams, but not in life
Earthly hands will shake you, but God’s hand will make you

***In the high-pressure of academic achievement, integrity is key.-mayor5***

Super Delicious



It felt like a spark, which is rare
I guess you will have to wait and see

I wonna know how the suspense landed
Am glad you’re exploring, the kind dealer

Dare to live in my world once, around the table
I know how infamous it felt, I stay in love though

***Scars makes love realistic, super delicious.-mayor5***




You can’t just erase the ugly parts, it is just life
It is good to be in love, that song deep in our hearts

The moments of calm reflections, sound judgement
The vine of the soul, a root of eminent domain

Anytime when you are ready, still give thanks
I know you are in a better place, drifting away

***The bigger challenge, follow your inner fire. -mayor5***

The Way of Love


To that end, the resolution of objective revolution
It travels both ways, the good portion of all humanity

Grow through what you go through, just believe
Your vibe attracts your tribe, quality is an investment

As we author and live our stories, we get to feature others
That spirit of strong partnership, the recipe of treaty of love

***For with God, nothing shall be impossible. -Mayor5***

You Ooze Charisma



You ooze charisma, the crack in the armor
The truth is less believable, that reasonable doubt

Love happens all the time, that occupational hazard
There is no great mystery to this, consistency of the truth

Do you really wonder, between the rock and a harder place
It was honorable for you to try your hardest, let’s move forward

***It is not about morality but ambition, within margin of error.-mayor5***

Hello January



Well it’s a new year, get up
Smile and face another day today

Holiday is over now, the core of my Heart
Don’t let your feelings affect your priorities

God already worked it out, take the mirror seriously
At a distance you only see my light, look carefully around you

*** Everything about yesterday has gone, face taday.-mayor5***




This is a liturgy of hope in risk taking, soar
Am endowed to prosper, this giving period

Life on the edges, get my motorcade upfront
There are no easy solutions, the power struggles

When you want to keep tight circles, a truce
We all serve in our own ways, a total long shot

***To respond in kindness, talk to your neighbors.-mayor5***

All Be Forgiven


Christmas may come early, a good idea
I thought you would hold your horses, stay

Combine strengths not weaknesses, powerful
A flower has to grow through dirt, the resilience

Read between the lines, through all the secrets
When you’re on the edge of your sit, lay ground works

***While you go through the haystack, a united front.-mayor5***




This will do for now, I guess I will always get there first
Achieving your dreams lies in the attempt as in the results

That anxious feeling you have in your stomach will go away
I know you’ve been having those dreams, am sorry I woke you

When the storm passes, we will  move together to the future
Don’t give me that look, I treasure that right moment though

***Opinions evolve, the kind words of a lonely woman.-mayor5***

True Love


The honor is all mine, that liberty report
Not for the money, to cure the passions inside

A love like no other, television does you no favors
Tell your story, one of those fairly tale moments out

To stands on the truths, we all march together in glory
Everything you did for me, the methodological assessment

***The infamous baby sitting was a gift of awesomeness. -mayor5***

To Write Love On Her Arms



Purify yourself  and change your clothes
If you don’t speak up, how will we ever know

Make me proud again, I merely observe
I am sorry imagination turned on you Masha

Not every story had a happy ending, on her arms
To write love, maybe sometimes it is okay to say no

***There is no laugh like mine, give thanks.-mayor5***

Do You Believe


Faith in action don’t fail, try more and more
An entire life by the sidewalks, do the right thing

I really appreciate your efforts,  the capacity
The tender care is loud and clear, don’t go quiet

Listen to the voice inside,  you will always be fine
The book club association worked pretty well in grace

***Don’t even mention it, I hope it all works out.-mayor5***

Queen Sugar



There I was writing for my fantasy unit, an idea crops
My whole form is scorched in flames, the candle flickers

A rare gift to you in response to that growl, easy suffering
Emerging from a past in anticipation, proved to be far more

Between sleep and dreams, no one existed in that world but the two
It goes without a saying, ticking of the clock was like a steady heart beat

*** I had their undivided attention, at the recount of our laughter.-mayor5***