Tearing stuff down is easy, building up is hard
Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six

Whatever it takes I guess, don’t stick your neck out
It is an opening to De-escalate, something in common

It is entirely predicated, the time for global corporation
In the spirit of mutual understanding, I do hope you join us

***This is a nice surprise, a tender moment guard.-Mayor5***

Citizenship In A Republic

Citizenship In A Republic

Failure is an excellent teacher though, definitely a trip
I don’t know how you learn from success, stay grounded

You don’t know who you are until fame strikes, set the trend
Models has to be redefined, climb one mountain after another

Great relationships fuels you and inspires creativity, integrity
What it really means to be a man, it is the maturity not bravado

***Learn to provide a mirror to society, the benchmark.-Mayor5***

The Mouth Piece



I can’t imagine, my heart is filled with love and laughter
Together we reset the clock, responsibility to meet the needs

I’m the one you go looking for under the hay stacks, the dreamer
You make that sound that I gotta do it twice, they stop me for a selfie

Privacy is the cornerstone of my fellowship, ashes of engrainment
Don’t you know…, we do the best we can with the information we have

***You’re preaching to the choir, you don’t have to walk it back. -Mayor5***

The Family Fire


I wine, dine and inter-twin,let your pride go
You don’t have to hide inside yourself, honesty

When you open your mind, you surprise yourself
Everyday is one step closer, a harmless ego boost

Am glad you’re not going anywhere, no sky too high
No sea too rough and by the way no muff way too tough

***Enjoy the journey not the destination.-Mayor5***



You just need to adjust your dope and fire again
The true burden of leadership, be the servant first

In a matter of value of trust, constructive criticism
We come from different worlds, bravery and slavery

Like you have that kind of juice, the credibility turf
All the bits and pieces, I would tell you but keep at it

***In for a treat, keep up the appearances. -mayor5***

Saving Hope

saving hope

Love don’t care where you are from
Neither does it care about who you are

It is easier to blame someone, insecurity
What’s hard is to understand their position

We all get better with time, dinners waiting
The true measure of candor, the three way trade

***Second opinion counts, the figures. -mayor5***


Before You Go

Like recognize like, that wasn’t a guess
Behide the dream, something is stronger

Take yourself to where boundaries are clean
Only give in to convictions of honor, embraces

The subject is kinda exhausted, no reply needed
You can’t ride two horses with one ragging behide

***Love is endlessly renewable, ride on by. – mayor5***

Smile For Me



My cup it overflows, I don’t spill
Nothing but the truth, take me anywhere

If we are going to heal, it has to be glorious
Show me all your scars, just free up your heart

Remember when we were one, dancing off the beats
All we have to do is to begin again, am rejoicing daily

***I know what you like, imaginary pride.-MAYOR5***

Long Walk To Freedom

let me help you

These are the spoils of victory
I glimpse the privilege of being

In the beauty of building blocks
Just reset the pieces and play again

Together we have the power to transform
In a battle for the truth, justice and dignity

***Love comes naturally from the human heart.-mayor5***

What You Do For Love



Lust, thrill and power
A very astound observation

The history of chess, great things
Anticipating the moves is everything

Obviously things have changed, tête-à-tête game
I don’t know how to say goodbye, the blended family

***My head is full of dreams unclear. – Mayor5***




Am glad you have fallen in love, the sugar and spice
Since those ages in school, real love nearly never change

Not everything you read on magazines is real, just rewind
I can see the colors too; I guess I don’t wonna lose you either

I am sorry it melts your heart, I got to make you smile often
Keep thinking about me bae, let’s have deliberations over dinner

***The Sun don’t stop shining, you’re right here. -mayor5***




It ain’t me, and everyday it’s a reminder
The way you do, am chained to the rhythm

My kindness is wrapped in silk, the positive life
Smell of herring in the morning, cozy environment

Keep calling my name, till you come back home
Don’t grow impatient or try to force the doors open

***Left to cherish and preserve a legacy. – Mayor5***

My New Diet



Make it look too easy, I gotta be honest
Hold it down, what this make you feel like

When you watch out, you can’t wash out
Celebrate the joy of now, everybody staring

The byproduct of ideas, the seeds and fruits
Build on a firm foundation, everywhere we go

***Life is about making the right decisions, make them.-mayor5***

Academic Doping



A full wing of people just cracked out, wake up
Our findings are shared, over medicating the youth

Abuse potential has spiked among students, exam fever
Reality is, you certainly hear rumors of people using them

A competitive advantage in passing exams, but not in life
Earthly hands will shake you, but God’s hand will make you

***In the high-pressure of academic achievement, integrity is key.-mayor5***

Super Delicious



It felt like a spark, which is rare
I guess you will have to wait and see

I wonna know how the suspense landed
Am glad you’re exploring, the kind dealer

Dare to live in my world once, around the table
I know how infamous it felt, I stay in love though

***Scars makes love realistic, super delicious.-mayor5***