You have got to surrender,
Ooh, I have to keep leaving you high
I watch you well and learn your needs

Now laugh away, so easily submissive
Ooh, you can’t deny what you are feeling inside
I slow you down and whisper codes of your desire

I break you but you keep coming for more
Ooh, like an animal I keep you begging for sure
Like a child waiting to be treated, you’re on lock down

***You’re so dependent on my poison, obey every word.-#AskSirMwangi***


The Oath

Clearly no human is limited, do not wait up
We could just have a staring contest, dinner

There is no passion without pain, the magnitude

The secrets that you keep when talking in your sleep

Make sure you keep the ring, the honeymoon is over

The fling that you are having, the things you aspire to

***A lady never looks at the bill.- #AskSirMwangi***


I was convinced it might be you
It happened again and again foolishly

My heart refuses to give up, am obviously elated
Change is part of the game, dream in my arms anytime

I see your face everywhere, I hear your laughter too
But when I turn you are not there, come back home

***You are dreaming your life away, am famished. -#AskSirMwangi***




No one gives you a manual on how to be a boss
Being on top and staying there is barely mudless

Your plans start feeling heavenly, dinner events
What is real can heal, the comic terms in society

In moments of doubt, remember you have wings
Its immoral to abandon your own best judgement

***Dress it how you want but the soul will let bare. -#AskSirMwangi***




I have seen it on TV, I know how it goes
Soo much we would change, just the reality

We will continue to be high on life, till the sunrise
I have known you for only a few years, all the humour

You had the keys to the universe, dry those eyes
Could you have choosen to live here, underneath the river

***I couldn’t hate you even if I tried, reality.-#AskSirMwangi***



The lust in your life
Rediscover your charm

People make their own luck
But inner peace is a paradox

A romance with the pirates, the lover
You don’t get it by pretending to have it

***The truth is in there somewhere.–#AskSirMwangi***

Say My Name


Something just like this, take your time
I know you’re looking for something less
Love grows from humble hearts

Do not be faking, I want you to mean it
Got what you need, that sweet type of love
Love grows from humble hearts

We can jump in the deep end, I like that
How crazy can this be, your Telemundo goals
Love grows from humble hearts

***Something has to change, let go.-#AskSirMwangi***

The Hate You Give


What happens when you promise
your heart to another
They call it happily ever after,
but I was not so sure
A Diamond is forever!

Hidden beneath my feet,
where dew drops can’t touch
Set deep where water is thirst
is a symbol of a far fetched wish
A wish of sleak and luxury
A diamond is forever!

Treated to impossible trials
trials of heat and explossion
to withstand pressure
Designed to last for generations
as a symbol of hope and reassuarance
A Diamond is indeed forever!

***Take your time, shine your light.-#AskSirMwangi***

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Bridal Party


The future is always uncertain but
I wish you much love and happiness

Marriages, like births, mark a new beginning.
Share your joys, your burdens and laugh much

I think of the rest of my life without my best friend
I’m so happy you’re marrying the man of your dreams

***Build a relationship that will stand the test of time.-#AskSirMwangi***

Magic Tricks

Money kinda changes everything

Just a ring and you fall for the swing

Always the hard way, almost good enough

Its bussiness and all the wealth it generates

Love is not for everyone, next time maybe

Patience is everything you know, choose wisely

***There is no gain without a risk, get down. -#AskSirMwangi***


The greatest con of all is love, precious

Part of a new family so to speak, lyrics too

To lovely sanctuaries, you get the bags
Act like a professional, the little cabin fever

You never know where you end up, patches
It could be worse but never that serious, power

***You have always been so determined, pity.-#AskSirMwangi***





The sense of duty, it was a short walk
In truth I will ensure you get the right start

The key to the workings of the world, alliances
The life of service, the pale remarks as observed

The value of loyalty, every advantage offered
Always catching up, to recognize and seize opportunity

***Delicate species requires a certain habitat.-#AskSirMwangi***




Faith dealt with our hands, now we play it
Thirty minutes till wheels down, wait in the car

Only a fool does not  consider the downside
The contrast of black on black, angels has a better view

Limits can be useful to realign who you are, employment
In between the moon and you, the wrong and right contrast

***Some people want material things. I want love, peace and happy times.-#AskSirMwangi***